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My name is Dr. Gordon Jones. I have launched this Createyourself community around all the activities I am involved in so we may better interact with each other in one place. I love to teach both to provide what I have learned to others and because I am continuously learning new things myself as I prepare to teach and interact with my colleagues, clients, students, and children.

Within this community, you will learn about my work in Personal Development, Healthcare, Emerging Technologies such as Blockchain, Investment Strategies to prepare for your future when we no longer generate an income, and my Philosophy on Business and Entrepreneurship. We also published my latest book, How to Createyourself. 

Where the world of self-development is full of ideas, strategies, tips, and hacks to improve our lives, why then are most people still a bit lost, confused, or dejected?

The answers may surprise you...

This book will give you a fresh perspective…

How to Createyourself takes a deep dive into the psychology, triggers, and circumstances that create setbacks, failure, and missteps in our journey to becoming better. And I use many of my own stories and struggles to illustrate how I have overcome bankruptcy, the startup business life, worked while earning my education, served in the US Army, and played sports at the world championship level - oh, also being a husband and father all at the same time!

It doesn't matter if you have read hundreds or even thousands of books (like I have) or paid thousands of dollars to get "unstuck", this book reveals the essence of what is going on inside our minds and hearts and how to unwind the things that don't serve us.

More importantly, you'll find clear ideas you can execute on a daily basis that show measurable improvement in living your best day... every day. You will also see how the power of faith and a higher purpose for your life will truly help you to Createyourself.

Click on the Mobile Book image to buy your copy now.

Then, inside the community, you will find plenty of opportunities for you to learn about the latest in technology through my Blockchain Basics workshop, or how to take your idea and build your own startup company as an entrepreneur, and you can even help and learn from others in the community of How to Createyourself.

Go ahead, register into Createyourself; Feel free to explore the community at your leisure. Ping me through the chat app with any questions. I look forward to seeing your progress and sharing your successes with us.

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